So I have decided to try blogging. I have never  really done this before, but  thought I would like to give it a shot and see were it leads.  This is just my thoughts and struggles in daily life being   born American and also a muslim women trying to stay on the straight path and not compromise my religion as well as juggling being a mum. . People  are always talking down on Muslims and thinking bad about us and I can tell you from experience that none of what they say are true. So you cant believe everything you see printed in the media and on the news and social outlets. We are people just like you.  We want the same things  you want for our kids, and family and that is a good life. We work hard to try to instill good morals and values  in our daily lifes, and lives of our  kids while not compromising our religion. Also we do like to have fun, at least in my house LOL. Live Laugh Love

I am just your every day mum, whos vegetarian, loves animals,cooking  eating who drinks  way to much  coffee and pepsi. and reading  who  trys to live a healthy life style( I did say try right  ) LOL  not perfect  positive parenting  fun loving adventurous  women who just happens to balance her life while being a muslim women trying to live in 21 century who then decided to move over seas to  North Africa and has spent the last 10 years there. .

I hope you  enjoy my blog and welcome to my life