So something  just came to mind while I was lying in bed. I never would have even imagined  or  even thought of me being were  I am today. My life was never easy and odd were against me even at birth I was not supposed to survive but some how I did. By the grace and mercy of Allah he saw it fit  to give me life  and to   keep me around. To Tell my Testimony. My Story  I  truly believe people are put on this earth for a reason  to make a difference in some ones life. I grew up  as a step child , coming from an  broken abused home. being physical   and emotionally abused as a child and not having my biological dad in my life and  later in my teenage years and adult life being in abusive relationships because of how my home life was. No women not matter what background, color or race should not have to go through that ever. . All my life i spend searching for something that was missing never really being able to find it.   Ive found my self in terrible situations even thinking of killing my self  but Alhamdulillah I did not do  this and something led me to islam. Which I am grateful every day of my life for.