I haven’t written in a while so I thought today would be as good a day as any.

Since today is Friday  or what we muslims like to call(salat  al – jumma) which means Friday prayer . I was not able to make the prayer in the masjid but    I prayed at home.


Its not really mandatory women go to the masjid to pray.   They women get more rewards praying at home. But if you are able to go and you understand arabic   I really think you should go and listen to the sermon(khutbah ) that is given.   Its a really nice feeling of togetherness  and unity  and friendship. When I do go I always feel welcome


Then dont forget to read  Surah Al kahf

It has four beautiful stories in it that benefits us all . In a later post I will explain more about this  Surah in details and the benefits of reading it.


Until then Jummah Mubarak

Be Blessed.